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Enjoy these samples from Tristitia

Take My Hand

Please, take my hand and journey with me through some of my life's most influential experiences and powerful emotions, all expressed through what I hold most dear—music. listen | buy album


The laurel is a symbol of peace. For me, playing piano and composing music brings me a sense of calm, and it is that tranquility that is conveyed in this song. listen | buy album


The musical story of a wanderer with no particular destination, who eventually finds a place to rest and be happy. listen | buy album


As are several of my pieces, this is inspired by one of the most powerful emotions, "tristitia," which means "sadness" or "melancholy" in Latin. listen | buy album

Origami Garden

This short piece is inspired by the poem of the same name, written by my mother, Maggie Pike, and her friend Kathy Root. The poem describes the origami flowers created by a Japanese friend. listen | buy album

Longing to Return

While I was living abroad for a year in Saint-Etienne, France, I would sometimes feel the effects of homesickness, and I composed this to help ease the pain. listen | buy album

Snow in April

In Colorado, an April snow is not entirely uncommon, after which nature's spring rebirth is all the more breathtaking. listen | buy album

Holding You

From birth, one of our most basic needs is human contact. This piece is about the need to be hugged and held, and to hug and hold. listen | buy album

Looking Down

The rhythm of this piece reminds me of looking out the window of an airplane, and watching the ground fall away as we take off. listen | buy album

Voyage Through Paradise

In order to fully appreciate the intense beauty of the Rocky Mountains, from the golden, aspen-carpeted hillsides to the snow-coated summits, one must "Voyage Through Paradise" at least once each season. listen | buy album

The End of a Beginning

A hopeful beginning shattered by an abrupt ending...this piece resonates the paradox of that pain. listen | buy album


A brook babbles through a lush forest, adding to the tranquility of the already serene musical landscape. listen | buy album

The Ultimate Hope

It is within our ability to reach every goal we have, and to be happy on every level, a happiness which will sustain us even when we go through difficult times. This is The Ultimate Hope. listen | buy album