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At your wedding, give the gift of music

A ring and vows only tell half the story. Tell the rest with a piano/instrumental song composed just for you. First, I learn your love story through a personal interview with you and anything you felt inspired to create (poems, letters, videos, and the like). I then compose a song that captures the essence of your love for the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Even if the wedding is not your own, you will surely be the guest of honor when you show up bearing the most touching present of all—a Timothy Pike original composition for the couple. It's a gift no one will ever forget.

No weddings in sight? At your request, I compose music for all occasions: a birthday, anniversary, engagement, retirement, or any other milestone you wish to celebrate.

Several packages are available, so let me be your interpreter as I translate the language of emotion into music, a language that transcends words.

Start by getting a taste of my musical style.

Then, let's talk. You may contact me here.

Get to know me a little by watching this video: