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Enjoy these samples from All That Matters

Break of Dawn

The very beginning of the day symbolizes a fresh start. But there are times in life, too, when we must make a fresh start. This song is the musical story of waking up to a brand new day and pressing courageously forward. listen | buy track

One World

We are all inhabitants of a relatively small planet, yet divided by arbitrary lines and often isolated by prejudice. This piece expresses my hope for humankind; that one day, people will no longer think in terms of "we" vs. "they," but instead "us." listen | buy track

Castle Towers

The enormous towers of the stone castle rise formidably above me against the gray sky. A daunting structure, indeed, but I feel a great sense of hope. listen | buy track

Despite the Rain

This piece reminds me of a trip to Switzerland to visit my sister when she was studying abroad for her freshman year in college. Although no day was without drizzle, we still managed to have a wonderful time and create memories that will forever be vivid in my mind. listen | buy track

Our Life

Mike and Kelly had been friends since junior high, but it wasn't until many years later that they reconnected and a great love blossomed between them. Mike wanted me to write a song for their wedding, so he showed me an excerpt of a letter he had written to his fiancee in which he expressed how deeply he loved her. The song, he said, should capture those feelings. "As you listen to this piece," Mike says, "you can hear the ups and downs of our early days as friends. Then you can listen to the birth of our love for each other, as the song plays." listen | buy track

If I Can't Be the One

When a past relationship didn't work out, I knew quite simply that it wasn't meant to be. But I also knew that the future held treasure, and I composed this song to express my optimism and hopes for both of our futures as we led our separate lives. listen | buy track


The setting for this song is an outdoor patio surrounded by tall trees. Lanterns are strung across the patio from branch to branch. At dusk, the rays of the setting sun stream through all the leaves and combine with the light from the lanterns, producing a dazzling treelight effect. listen | buy track

Until You Leave

It can be difficult when someone you care about has to leave, but the pain can be eased by spending as much time together as possible before that day comes. listen | buy track

Lost in a Moment

While playing this song at the restaurant where I used to perform, a couple at a nearby table stood up and started dancing next to the piano. Each time I glanced over at them, they appeared more and more lost in each other, and lost in the moment. listen | buy track


Nightfall is such a peaceful time—a time to have a cup of tea, read a book, and fall asleep. This song sprang from a sense of peace and security deep within me. listen | buy track

All That Matters

When I think about my family and friends, how they are always there for me, and what wonderful and genuine people they are, I believe myself to be one of the luckiest people on the planet. The people in my life are everything to me—they are all that matters. listen | buy track